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World of Rock Welcomes You!

If you're looking for original ROCK music, do I have something special for you! Like some real life comic book super hero. I live two lives.


In one of them, I'm an inventive and introverted explosives engineer running a large test and evaluation complex with patents and published peer reviewed journal papers. 

In the other, I am a guitar slinging rock star wannabe trying to get my music to you! 

While I like my day job, my superpower is writing songs. But I am thwarted by the vile Music Industry Professionals who closely guard the keys to success.



So in order to share my madness and level the playing field, I created this World Of Rock website.


And here, I immerse you in my epic battles trying to break into the businesses. I'm not trying to sell you my music (although, it is for sale). I'm trying to find you, my super fans,  so we can break through together and save rock music! 



In World of Rock, you hear, see, and feel (and sometimes smell), my 40+ years of trying...and failing make it in the music biz. Here you can learn by example what to do, or better yet, avoid my mistakes!

I appear in my band, Dirtyworx of Southern Maryland, about once a month. And when we're not playing out, I'm recording at home with my studio cat, Shadow.


My mission: to thwart the evil MIP (Music Industry Professionals), who brainwash you into believing today's rock music is good using the Mere Exposure Effect!


Their evil plot is to make you believe today's music is cool, when in fact, it's not. It's formula.

So...until then...


You can only find my music for sale here.


Want proof that my super-powered music is legit?

Then, wait no longer super-fans!


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