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Welcome to
World of Rock!

If you're looking for ROCK music, do I have something electrifying for you! World of Rock comes complete with epic tales, fails, scoops and dupes of the trade! Join me on the road to Rock!


I'm Russ Maines, real-life superhero keeper of the flame!



In this World of Rock, you hear, see, and feel (and sometimes smell), my 40+ years of trying...and failing make it in the music biz.


I'll keep going until I spend another 9 lives! And even if I'm thrown out the door, I always land on my feet!

By day, I am a mild mannered explosives engineer.


At night, I appear as Mr. Mystery! (with my sidekick, Shadow) to thwart the evil MIP (Music Industry Professionals), who brainwash you using their villainous Mere Exposure Effect!


Their evil plot is to turn you into a zombie in Operation Mind Crime.


My mission: Destroy MIP's grip on ROCK by blowing up the radio with my Supersonic Shock Waves!

So...until then...


Clean your claws, and get my exclusive music antidote. I give it away, give it away, give it away now! 


Want proof that my cat-like reflexes, and super-powered music are legit?

Then, wait no longer super-fans!


Sink your teeth into my world, and get a taste of 3 Free Rock Songs, now!


And feel the power of ROCK!

Hear The CRUNCH!

I Make No Bones About It!

Get 3 Free Music Downloads • You Need 'em!
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