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5 Songs That Will Change Your Mind About Me, Michael Hang

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Or so I wrote to Michael Hang, expecting him to email me back. He never did. And so, that was it for me. I was FINISHED with so called "experts".

There's a saying that goes, "Good judgement come from good experience. Good experience comes from bad judgement."

You may recall from a previous blog, I wrote and thanked Leah McHenry for providing me with some sage advice about marketing. No regrets there.

Leah McHenry from Savvy Musicians Academy.

But when I wanted to join the elite group, I had to call and get interviewed by "experts" who, I presume, would give me more reason to spend more money. So, I called to see where it all went.

On the phone I ran into this pretty young guy from California named, Michael Hang. I said, and I meant it, "Using Leah's methods aren't getting me sales as advertised. I'm not sure if it's me or if Leah's methods so I'd like to find out."

Michael essentially told me my music wasn't good enough and my website was bad. I interpreted that to say, "Leah's sales methods aren't flawed so it must be your fault."

So, I started to get into an argument with Michael Hang. I asked him how many songs he wrote, and if any of them were selling based on leah's methods. No. He worked for Leah, he wasn't an artist. Like any other customer service rep, it's the buyer's fault.

As the conversation kept going, I kept asking myself why am I wasting my time with a twenty something with no real world experience? So to prove that my music was good, if not great, I sent him an email with 5 songs attached called, "5 reasons that'll change your mind about me, Michael Hang." You know what? I never once heard back from him. Even after several attempts at email and phone contact tracing.

That's when I stopped asking Music Industry Professionals for advice. Those 5 songs are the songs you can down load for free from my website,

Go on. Don't let me stop you.

As for Leah's marketing method, I learned one thing. I really don't have time or interest in facebooking 8 times a day, trying to use the internet algorithms to sell CD's. Instead, I'd rather have folks like you discover me.

After all, music is a relationship between notes and timing on a scale. Those things create harmony and melody. I do have great interest in creating, not selling.

That is to say, I hope you enjoy my music whether you pay for it or not. Every musician wants to make money. I'd rather make friends.

Thanks for reading my blog.

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