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A Heavy Heart Starts The New Year

It's with a heavy heart I tell you a very dear friend of mine, Nickita Sammy, was killed in a car wreck 10 days into the new year on the way home from a friend's house. She was the best new friend I've ever made. At 33 years old, when I met her, I was blown away with how authentic she was. She was a beautiful soul, wrapped up in an Indo-African frame and hailed from Trinidad. Photo below.

Nickita was the first person I met in Accokeek, Maryland, when I started my new job for the Navy. She was the "Den Mother" of the Air BnB I rented for a few months. We hit it off instantly. We'd talk for hours about life. She took a real interest in my music and my relationship with Susan. And when I moved out for the new house, Nicki was the first person to visit me. You see, when she loved you, she was in it for keeps. She understood the value of great friends.

I remember one time she was having an argument with her fiancee and wasn't getting anywhere. I tried to stay out of it, but she insisted that I listen to her. So, I stopped what I was doing and talked her off a cliff. Within 5 minutes she was in tears and took all that feminine anger and turned it into love. The argument was over, and then I had some words with her fiancee to help seal things off.

What I'm saying is that kind of emotional and spiritual maturity for a 33 year old woman was unique to me. And she really moved me by it. It was a moment in my life I'll never forget. You could see all the tension just melt away simply because someone listened. And it was at that moment, our bond was sealed. We were going to be friends forever.

Susan and I invited her to Chile Nite, but she couldn't make it because she was moving to some new digs.

Next thing I know, she was gone. Permanently. She leaves behind a 13 year old daughter, Neveah (Heaven spelled backwards).

She was an educated woman, held 2-3 jobs to be sure her daughter saw the world and understood her place in it. Nicki did her best as a single mom, and met this nice guy and was starting a new life with him. And now, I feel a light has gone out in the world.

And Nicki's fiancé is just heartbroken.

Why do I write this on my blog? It's just a reminder to squeeze your loved ones before you're gone. It could be the last thing they remember of you. It is certainly the last time I remember Nicki doing with me before she went home after visiting me here in La Plata.

I remember how awesome her hair looked, how she avoided Shadow, and that awesome Chicken Curry and ox tail she could make. And then, that hug before she left.

I wrote a song, Cemetery Road, just as her fiancé called me. I was writing it because of so many people I've lost in the last 12 months. And then this.

So, my friend, I know life goes on. But let's remember those who've touched us. Like Nicki. She was the best, most fierce friend I've ever had. Also, let's look toward the future. Her daughter's Go Fund Me Link is here.

Love & Rockets,


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