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Bait & Switch Solves a Problem

If you're like me, you likely can't relate to Pop Music these days. The cover art isn't interesting and you don't know anyone but the singer in the band. You may have tried listening to country music and found it too poppy, or whiny. Don't get me wrong, every piece of music has it's place. It's just not a place for me. I like Rock.

If you grew up listening to The Beatles, Beach Boys, Kiss, Iggy Pop, Husker Du, Cheap Trick and the like, radio probably doesn't satisfy you anymore. You may hear songs you grew up with called "Classic Rock", but there's nothing new coming out that really captures where you are today. Pop doesn't embrace anyone over 30.

I disagree with Pop. David Bowie, ZZTop and many others made new music well after the grey hair started kicking in. Give me that distorted guitar and 3 or 4 chords and I'm off to the races.

Bait & Switch, the CD I completed on April 19th, falls in line with those folks. You can hear influences, but is new and hits all of those touch points you find missing on the radio. Even the cover art is an original painting completed by my wife, Susan Rand.

Here is another piece by Susan. It's one of my favorites. Looks like an 80's girl based on an old cigarette paper advertisement, right? Susan is an amazing artist. I'm so glad she did the album cover.

Breastless by Susan Rand

Like my music, every piece she does is old fashioned ink, and spray paint. There is nothing digital about it. I think this work is one of her best. And there's only one.

Together we make a great team. I influence her art, and she influences mine. Again, sort of an old fashioned married couple working together to bring out the best of ourselves.

At the end of the day, we both want you to enjoy as much of our content for free as we can make possible. Still, we need to make a living, and make you a special offer. Take 30% off Bait & Switch this week using promo code B&$30%.

I'll still ship the CD's for free. The offer ends 20 September.

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