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Bait & Switch: Song 10: Hubba Bubba

As Bait & Switch progressed, I found myself getting too serious. I needed to have some fun. So, I went to Google, and looked up all of the most popular candies in the U.S., and made a list. And then, using my juvenile sense of humor, tried to link them together in a song. What came out was a pseudo-sexual song given the list of candies.

Inspiration: Hubba Bubba by Wrigley's
  1. Skor

  2. Almond Joy

  3. Kit Kat

  4. Baby Ruth

  5. Milk Duds

  6. Charleston Chew

  7. Hubba Bubba

The list goes on. So, I decided to write a song about a guy who likes his women thick, you know? I mean, Queen did it for "Fat Bottom Girls", so why the heck not? I'm sure I could write as well as Brian May or Freddie Mercury. So, off I went.

The thing was, I didn't want some kind of anthem. What I wanted was something more funny. What came out was something very juvenile, but funny..

I mean, not to wax poetic about it, but we tend to think of sex as intercourse, right?And I'm sorry if this subject is a bit uncomfortable. But what if your thing was candy and someone with with an oral fixation? The whole thing isn't about tight buns and a nice set of abs anymore, is it? No. It's about having fun with someone who loves candy. So a person can strip themselves of what is "normal" and instead focus on having fun, because fun makes everyone happy. I'm no expert on the intimacy continuum. But I have seen on TV and have heard from friends with money, that sex is the adult playground.

So why not a sugar high? I'm not sure if such people exist, I'm just saying I made a song based on sugar, and suggested it might be fun to eat the sugar.

I then made the bass the major instrument with the song, flanked on both sides with two very different guitars parts. I think it works pretty well, and is kind of a "naughty" song.

Life is sweet, let me take a bite!

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