Bait & Switch: Song 11: Like I Du

The song, "Like I Du" has been around for a few years. I actually had this song re-recorded by Stu, and wasn't completely happy with his production. I'm not saying what he did was wrong. There were just some parts I wanted to stick with, like the dueling guitars.

I got this idea from Judas Priest, but rather than focus on lead guitar, I focused on weaving two melody lines together, like a good oratorio. I'm no composer, just some guy trying to do art. And I blended this type of idea with the power chords of Cheap Trick.

When I mixed the song, I still felt the guitars should be louder, but mixing is a tricky thing. Anytime I put the guitars louder in the mix, the bass got lost. So, I had to back off on the guitars, let the bass hold the foundation, and use that foundation again at the end of the song, where the guitars drop out completely.

Now, that I listen to the song, I realized I could've added another guitar layer. And I likely will. When I do, you'll get a free download on the new song, so you don't feel ripped off.

The song was inspired by the day I met my future wife, Susan. We met at Copeland's restaurant in Pensacola in the Summer of 2003. I knew it the moment I saw her I'd marry her. She was just so different from anyone I'd met before. Needless to say, I was a complete dork and didn't know how to control myself. She didn't like me like I liked her. She didn't even give me her phone number or email address. And at the time, not only was I part of the civil service, but I was writing music and food reviews for the Northwest Florida Daily News. Money was tight, and I needed to supplement my income (government employees are, on average, paid 33% less than business employees because of the general schedule).

Plus, I was trying to get a band together. So, the line, "Could I be wrong? Are you singing a different song? Baby, tell me the truth, do you feel like I do?" comes as a directly from this time in my life.

Let me digress for a second, here.

The music is loosely based on a song I wrote earlier called, "Outta My Reach" you can stream for free on SoundCloud. The whole story behind "Outta My Reach", has to do with finding a model for the music video, "Gravity" that Phil and I were making. I digress by saying I wanted to hire Kimber Lee, but she wasn't available. We don't see her that much these days, but 10 years ago she was everywhere in Pensacola. And to make matter even more interesting, the Gravity video nearly went viral. It was featured on the comedy channel, where Weird Al called the video "Dork Side of the Moon". (I can no longer find this content on line).

Back to the song.