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Bait & Switch: Song 12 - Skin Deep

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

The eleventh song on Bait & Switch I wrote was called "Skin Deep". An early version of this song was filmed by Phil Thomas Katt at a Perdido Key night club called, The Jellyfish. Armando Sarasua and I started this band in 2008. We were just turning the corner going from doing covers to doing original music. This song was the first one the guys in the band actually liked. Up to this time, I released 3 EP's under "regular JOE 2.0 featuring Russ Maines": Cleavage, Big Boys, and a CD called You Wish, seen below.

The actual underwear of a Krewe Du YaYa
You Wish CD cover from the last copy I kept

I always liked this song, and felt it had the right feeling of two guitars working together with a ton of distortion. It kind of had a punk flavor to it, and wanted to give it another shot. So, I re-recorded, re-mixed and re-mastered the song. I also changed the drums quite a lot to give it a cheerleader kind of sound, like the Go Go's did in "We've Got The Beat".

The song's content is pretty clear from the opening line. "Just look at you now, you're so young and free. I wanna hurt ya somehow, hit you with my disease."

The song is for a specific girlfriend of mine I had in high school who wasn't at all pleasant to be around. She was controlling, manipulative, and used people. But she was so beautiful to look on all the boys wanted her. And they got her. And then she got them. If she had a heart, she'd probably be rich.

So it was a good choice to finally give this song a home. I was worried it wouldn't fit with the album, but given the title, Bait & Switch, I thought it fit nicely.

If you want to hear what I did to the tune, get your copy today.

#BeachRock #TropRock

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