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Being Number 1 at Being Number 2!

It's becoming time to make personal appearances. My wife and I are fully vaccinated. Together, we've spent more than a half a year developing the Bait & Switch CD's content and art. And now that things are turning the corner, it's time to consider playing out, busking, or doing other things to boost awareness of my music. I know it's a lot, right?

The photograph shown here is a little dated, but captures a sense of style and wonder I feel comfortable with. But it doesn't say, "Pensacola Beach". And that means even more photos need taken. After all, we have plans to take over Pensacola Beach's original music scene by offering the live music crowd an alternative to the singer/songwriters famous in the area, right? Yes, that's right. We're going to bring guitar driven power pop to the beach in live club events.

Plus, I'm a bit older and grayer than this shot. Honestly, I don't think anyone cares how old I am anymore. Still, I don't want to lug thousands of pounds of equipment around with me, either. So, I must downsize and get new pics.

Matter of fact, I tried to sell my old Carvin 100 Watt amp to my brother in law last week, just so I could get a small cabinet speaker for a downsized rig.

What I'm getting to is I have to compete with the Number 1 bands in the area as a stand alone musician, with no band support. Since most bands in the area play cover tunes, it automatically means I'm less popular than acts who've secured their future playing "Sweet Home Alabama" until they retire.

And that means I have to be smart, well branded, and well placed in the market. I have to be able to draw an audience in and hold them. I have to be more intimate, more funny and more entertaining. I have to have better songs. All that means I have to be Number 1 at something. So, in order to compete I have to try harder. I have to be Number 1 at being Number 2.

Nobody ever said the music business was easy. It's less secure than having a full time job. The hours are horrible, and the pay is sometimes only worth a pizza or hamburger. But every musician worth their salt would play for free given the chance. So, that's what I intend to do. Play for free, work hard, and help the audience be my friend. In a few years, who knows? I could be in the same place, or I could open some eyes.

On the 25th of May, the local newspaper will give Pensacola Beach their first taste of my music in the media outside the internet, where I do all of my sales. Following that, I hope to get the endorsement of the local music shop, Blues Angel. After that, I have to start figuring out how to put my show together for an hour on Saturday afternoons at some club, where I won't ask for money. I need to go to out of the way places to find my niche.

Wish me luck, OK? And thanks so much for reading my blog.

If you've not heard my Bait & Switch CD, you can catch it on Radio Free Pensacola, Friday Nights (every so often) on PTK Late Nite. Or if you have Spotify, you can stream. However, if you want a hand signed copy of my CD, which has good reviews, go to my website and get your copy, now!

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