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Finding The Micro-Niche.

Sparkle, the studio cat, gives paws to a new guitar role.

It never fails. Every time I go to pick up a stringed instrument, one of our house cats, Sparkle, gets down with the strings. What can I say, other than she's found her niche. Its funny how this is also my problem.

When I used to play clubs on the Gulf Coast, my old band was all about cover songs. We'd play any power punk song that came from the West Coast we could find. And regular JOE 2.0 was a fun band, whose bread and butter was all about having a blast with the band at the club.

Since then, I must admit, I've been on a pacemaker. Finding my niche, writing, discovering more, writing again, professionally producing songs as a song writer has been for the last decade an incredible journey. My old RJ 2.0 fans still (lucky me) like me and encourage me to keep going. So, putting an album together with no fans, all on electronic media and doing all of the music production myself (with no formal education on it) has taught me a lot. If it weren't for the challenge, I would never have done it. But honestly, I don't have enough fans to actually sell music. Hence the pacemaker.

The Feels? I must admit putting Bait & Switch together was a commitment I never thought I'd get through. The good news is I have plenty of music in me. The bad news is, I'm always afraid it sounds the same. But for today, I feel great that I've actually have completed writing the album, and got cover art. But I'm still scared that I won't have fans who will buy it.

And that is the next challenge. I just hope Sparkle will help find fans. After all, she rules my studio. And I hear cats rule the internet. Who knows?

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