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Legendary Phil Thomas Katt Makes Russ Maines Dreams Come True In Pensacola Beach

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

When I started thinking about kicking off an album, and launching my career (officially) in the new music industry, there were many things to consider. There are products, placement, people, distribution systems, communications, and funds to consider. But where to start after the music is written?

Well, I need fans. Most novices, like me, write songs and hope they'll one day be discovered. Truth is you won't, unless you can get fans. UZ Media can do this, where most labels can't. UZ offers a channel to distribute content in the internet.

How? Because UZ Media's Phil Thomas Katt's entire professional life is centered on building his own audience. And they've stuck with him. More than that, other artists of the Gulf Coast, such as Mark Gormley, have created viral for years. Phil constantly works to bring new talent to his audience, and in so doing has launched a number of local artists.

That's why I asked UZ Media for help!

Since I didn't have much of an audience to launch my music to, UZ media provided a platform for video and radio, all for the cost of creating unique videos for UZ's audience.

Phil's audience is international, and unique. And If anything is valuable today, it's finding a niche within a niche, or microniche. Phil Thomas Katt has developed his unique fan base, and its culture in Pensacola. There is no one else in Pensacola who's done this. He's truly a man with vision very much ahead of the internet in the information age. He knows his business, because he's done it.


Call Phil Thomas Katt today and set up an appointment to discuss your music and vision. (850) 453-KATT. With his help, not only will you get an amazing video, but an audience to release your music to.

For best results

  1. Have very good music

  2. Have a fan page on facebook

  3. Have a webpage that he can promote

  4. Have a video strategy in mind

  5. Let Phil work his magic

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