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Hey, I'm On You Tube!

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Every so often, I get a suprise from my favorite website, YouTube. Little did I know when I registered my CD, Bait & Switch, with Deezer that they'd do these little videos of my songs with the CD cover shown.

So you could image my surprise when I opened up my YouTube account and found I gave them authorization to proliferate my music out on the web. Cool!

If you've not heard, "Like I Du", now is your chance. But let me explain.

I wrote the tune many years ago, while I was still with "regular JOE 2.0". At the time, I was really struggling with my vocals. Not only did I hate my voice, but I didn't really know how to write a song, either. I put many versions of the track down. And being dissatisfied with every version, I gave up on the song, and sent it over to Stu Epps to produce and sing.

When I got the song back, I thought he did a good job. While I still wasn't happy, Stu did teach me by way of demonstration what I was looking for. So, I re-wrote the tune to speak more towards that voodoo intuition thing (I Put A Spell On You), rather than the addiction thing (Hooked On A Feeling). And it worked. I also re-wrote the title, put in a little breakdown, a bass and drums only part, and re-registered the track under new copyright.

But other than that, it's the same song you'll find in my old archives. The only difference is I now consider the song completed.

Music Industry Professionals who've heard it give it mixed reviews. Some find it driving and addictive others find it derivative and repetitive. Really, I don't write for MIP's. If I did, I'm sure I'd just copy the latest trends and make off with the goods. Instead, I prefer to do my own thing with the hope that you, my fans, will like where I'm taking you.

Thanks for reading my blog.

Love & Rockets,

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