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Hook, Line & Sinker Delayed Again. Here's Why.

Did you ever drive your car under Pensacola's Graffiti Bridge? I can't tell you how many times I've seen moving vans clip off the tops of their covered beds, or get stuck under that bridge because they didn't see the signs.

Yep, if you're not careful, you can turn your truck into a convertible. See the photograph here? And every time someone decides to risk it and drive under the bridge with a moving van, it backs up traffic. And it takes their truck's roof off!

People like me always ask when the city's going to do something official. In truth, we all know you can't fix stupid. There's no amount of control keeping people from touching the third rail, either. You can put up signs. You can fence things in. But you can't stop people from tempting fate.

If I said it once, I've said it a million times, "Life's the better teacher." And sometimes, you get in a hurry, ignore the signs. Even if they're painted on the bridge by concerned citizens!

Sometimes you just have to try to force your truck under the bridge. And when you do, you learn your lesson. What happens? Well, the bridge wins, of course! See the second photograph? See? It's always a Graffiti Bridge Casualty.

So, how does this tie into my next album's release? Well, I tried to force it. I pinned my hopes on the idea that about 50% of my songs would get back from my producer guy in Nashville. I hoped that you'd be able to get the latest versions of great new songs, and that I'd be able to get them pressed. I really wanted that for you.

But, it was a mistake. The songs aren't ready. Actually, they're a bit like hot messes.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still taking pre-orders. But it's the promotional stuff I promised you, that you won't be getting on time. You won't get the new mixes I told you about.

There are two songs in particular: Hook, Line & Sinker, and Like I Do that require the most care. You see, I've added some background singers to them. And I've not been happy with how much they've crowded the music. Suddenly, the songs are about the background vocals, and so, instead of enhancing the songs, they take away from them.

And that's not ideal. What I want are great songs. Not good songs. So, I've sent them back. It's going to cost more money to get them right. But, I'm going to mix the background vocals myself and then send them back for polishing up.

What that means for you is when you hear the vinyl pressed album, you'll get something entirely new. I want you to be blown away.

On the up shot, the rest of the album sounds great so far. I think you'll love "Alice Knows", and "Ball of Twine."

Also, in the works, I'm producing a video with Phil and Ken for "like I du" which is going to be so much fun.

But back to the bridge. Lesson learned. Take my time and don't rush it.

If you sent in money for pre-orders, I have a few gifts for you in exchange. You get free demos that nobody else ever hears to tide you over. That hasn't changed. But now, when these two songs are finished, I'll send them to you, too, on MP3, directly to your email.

So, I'm sorry I got it wrong. I should never count my chickens, or tempt fate and force myself under the bridge. It only makes you wait longer. And now I'm ashamed for messing things up. It won't happen twice.

But I also learned this. I must get the songs exactly right before I send them off to someone else. I can't risk someone else's interpretation. While, I understand I must let go and let my songs be your songs, I also understand that you'll not hear my point of view, but someone else's point of view if I don't hold on to my music long enough. I have to let them grow up, but I don't need to rush it.

I thought you should know it was my mistake. Not my producer guy's mistake.

By the way, Phil and Ken and I are getting together tomorrow morning to work out our video of Like I Du. I think it'll be very cool. Very different. A team effort. I want us to get a Golden Globe!

Or maybe a Golden Graffiti Bridge!

Get your Hook, Line & Sinker pre-orders now. Click here!

Love & Rockets,


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