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Hook, Line & Sinker (Update)


For the last few months (yes, I said months), I've been working out some details on my new upcoming single, Hook, Line & Sinker, from my next EP called "Sink or Swim".

There are two things to report to you.

  1. I've got Stacy Hogan of Nashville on contract to complete the song

  2. It won't be completed for about two months

In the meantime, I want to reward patience with a demo of the song. This version doesn't include many of the details (like Dirk Doucette of Beauty In Chaos) I want to surprise you with. However, it does show a new dimension in my growth as a recording artist.

For example, the vocals are much more ramped up than anything else I've done. It's taken the better part of 6 months to get my voice strong enough to do this work. It also shows how much I lean on Ace Frehley for my guitar licks. So, this song sounds remarkably like KISS, and that's something I'm very proud about. But there's another element, the songwriting, which I hope hits home for you.

The song's about how chasing money takes you away from your mission in life. Let's face it, you're not born with a portfolio. You have no investments when you come into this life. And when you leave, you can't even take the pine box with you. All you leave with is your experience. So, what are you so afraid of? Failure? Isn't failure experience?

Yes, failure is a lesson we all must embrace. I should know. I've never had huge success making music, right? So why do I continue to invest in it?

Like Leonardo Da Vinci, I'd like to be both artist and engineer. Whether I'll be worth a damn in the eyes of the world is another story. All I can do is keep doing it. I don't really know why.

So, that leaves you, my loyal fans with this link. Please go and listen to the song and let me know what you think? And remember, it's not done. It's just a demo.

Love & Rockets,


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