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It's Been A Rough Day

Last weekend, the beach was bristling with activity. Today, Pensacola Beach is a ghost town. What you see in the photo, below, are foot prints from our guests.

As usual, I started to write about it.

Yesterday, Spring Break came in, and we welcomed you all in

We drank at Paddy O'Leary's and down at the Paradise Inn

You came from miles around, but now it's all closed down

When we listen we can hear your ghosts wondering thru town

The cops still turn you away, and all the while we pray

That'll you'll come back and we'll laugh about it someday

It's no fun watching the waves, if we can't see your face

Skim boarding on the surf just like the good old days

While you look in your rear view mirror, please know we'll always be here

Eatin' shrimp and grits so, ya'll come back and see us y'hear?

We miss you. R

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