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Keep Dreamin'!

See this photo? It was taken by my old lead guitarist's wife. The Dock is an icon of Pensacola Beach and I was so pumped to play the place. It was a bazillion degrees in the shade, and the band did great. It was the first time I've ever played out in a club bigger than my garage while fronting a band. I had my own PA, didn't get along with the drummer, and had a hell of a time getting paid.

But this one gig proved to me that playing out wasn't a matter of talent. It was a matter of volition. As Batman once said, "The world only makes sense if you force it to."

I've always wanted to play out in a fantastic band ever since I saw the Beatles on TV. It took me about 50 years to realize that dream. And I know after all this time, I still want to play out in a band, just like the Beatles. I've never been able to explain why. Maybe it‘s the screaming fans?

It took a lot of hard work to get to The Dock. It took experimenting with Owen Ford, Tracy Depue, Jessica Roth and Rob Long. It took many hours of practice with Gene Cole. And it took a lot of study with Billy Sevadra, Rob lopez, and Coby Ruiz. Not to mention Carlo Chavez of Socorro, New Mexico. And you know what? I'm still getting closer to my dream.

One day, I want a hit song. I know one day I'll get it. It’s a matter of volition.

So, I want to encourage you. Even if you're old and dated. Please don't ever give up on your big dream. You might be a scientist. You might be an engineer. You might be some poor slob working at a burger joint. But the only thing that separates you from everyone else, is your dream. Make every day count.

Love & Rockets,


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