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Keeping The Old New

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

One of the biggest problems with so called "Pop" music is that it never ages with you. If you're like me, you still love those Beatles.

When the bands break up, the hits stop coming, your kids, your spouse, and your weight mean more to you than your personal soundtrack, you'll find radio no longer feels like you, or sounds like you. And you know what? They don't care.

They don't care about what you want to hear. They care about what THEY want you to hear. And that's because of PAYOLA. It still happens.

Plus, the music industry wants you to believe that Rock Music doesn't age. It's forever young, rebellious, and lived below the belt line. Even if the bands you loved growing up are still around 40 years later, the only thing they have to offer is how you felt when you were young.

That's why bands like KISS can stick around. They celebrate the spirit of Rock, but never offer emotional support for people dying around you, endless wars, craziness of middle class dead end jobs, or how to deal with actually losing. This is why EMENEM's "Lose Your Self" is so inspiring.

In plain English, Rock lost its balls a long time ago. Maybe the exception is Green Day's "American Idiot". The music biz don't care about you, it only cares about the dollars you spend trying to keep you in fantasy land. Other than that, Rock don't stick to the man no more.

And that, my friend, is what Bait & Switch (my new CD) is all about. It deals with lost innocence, revenge, dead loved ones, failure, begging for money, and other spooky stuff.

Even if you're not a middle aged white guy like me, I think you'll find the content

relevent. After listening to the album, constantly course correcting it so that it's the best I can make, there's not one song on it that I can't stand behind. It's the album that I wish other rock bands in their middle age made for me.

I won't ask you to buy it. But it's up for sale on April 19th. Help me break the industry.

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M Jacquelin Minter Williams
M Jacquelin Minter Williams
15 de fev. de 2020

How do I purchase your new album?

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