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Landing On My Feet

Dear Friend,

You know I'm moving to Maryland, right? I leave this week. I definitely expect coming back to Pensacola Beach. Just not sure when.

Those people who really know me understand I'm an adventurer at heart. I rarely say, "no" to going to new places and learning new things first hand. From landing in Alaska during the mid-1980's (and selling car radios out of my car), to blowing stuff up in New Mexico for the FBI in the 1990's, getting patents for the U.S. Air Force in the 2000's, and tackling digital engineering for other defense agencies, one thing has always remained: Rock Music!

I've met wonderful people who tour with Jerry Cantrell (Mike Rozon -Alice In Chains), had music produced by Elton John's old road manager (Stuart Epps), befriended Dirk Doucette (Beauty In Chaos), and met Mike Ciravolo (President - Shecter Guitars). Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine any of this.

But, it is my continuing relationship with Phil Thomas Katt, that's enabled much of this. He put my music in rotation on his radio station, and has produced every one of my music videos. He also helped me produce my first CD.

Through Stuart Epps, I met Stuart Cheese (One Night Stand Music), who continues advocating for my music in the film industry.

And this year, Stacy Hogan helped me with Hook, Line & Sinker production because Mike Rozon was on tour. I met him through Ray Hamilton of MERF Music in Nashville. I also was introduced to Jeff Blue (Linkin Park) and Ron Nevison (KISS) through various contacts.

Even though I've not sold many units from any one of my releases, I am making friends. The music business is all about relationships, so I don't really care if I sell music. I just want to continue to meet people.

Going to Maryland is just another reason to meet more people. I don't know who I'll meet, or if I'll start a band, or what. I just don't know. I will land on my feet. You will be part of the journey. My music will keep growing.

So, while Susan and I have a new house built, put this old beach cottage up for rent and move closer to our nation's capitol, I'll continue to work on new rock tunes.

I have been writing the rest of Hook, Line & Sinker, and filed copyrights for the remaining songs. From there, I'll get them professionally produced and hope get you some vinyl as funds allow. Some of you have had a chance to hear them. Just so everyone can have a shot at giving them a listen, here is a link.

I'll be talking to you soon, OK?

Love and Rockets,


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