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Lyric Video Drop

Hey, you!

This time of year, everyone's asking for your money. Me, too!

See? I'm honest!

There are no:

Black Friday Sales!

Cyber Monday Sales!

Stragglers Sales!

And I don't constantly barrage you with emails 6 times a day asking for your money. I do it once in a great while and then I leave you in peace.

Why am I asking for your support? Well, there's a new platform called CONCERTO-XL I'd like you to check out.

For $1 dollar, I'm asking you to view my new music lyric video. Why?

It's produced and mastered by Mike Rozon. You'll hear the difference a great producer can make with my music. I'm telling you, its very good.

By spending $1 dollar, you're helping me to monetize my content in a virtual reality that's exclusive to you, my fans. After the "concert" is over, you can play the video for free as many times as you want, when the video goes public.

You, my special fan, will get first dibs on any video I make!

And I won't be the only recording artist. There are hundreds of bands in the cue for CONCERTO XL. I'm simply the second person to ever use it. Concert starts today!

Create your virtual reality account right now at:

Create your avatar and walk through the virtual arena. You can even buy t-shirts for your avatar. And get your Rock$ to spend in the virtual arena.

Love and Rockets!


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