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The other day a good friend of mine asked me how I intend to "play out" with no band. I said, "Russ-a-Oke". Here is the video. Thanks for asking. The video isn't well thought out because I didn't have time. But it covers the essentials for any other standalone musician who wants to do the same thing.

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Richard Wallace
Richard Wallace
13 Şub 2022

My son listens to country and rap, both of which i can barely stand to hear a minute of. The rap is just vulgarity and noise and the country is aimed at prepubescent girls that think Luke Bryan is sooooooo cute. Coming from me, a 55 year old long time lover of all things rock and metal, prog, it goes to show you that I am truly jaded and I think 95% of it is crap! So that shows me where my writing will land, and it wont be Morgan Wallen style, or whatever version Of “Lil” that is the flavor of the week. Write for what you love and if only five people ever hear it at leas…

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