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New CD: Hook, Line & Sinker, In The Works!

When I was growing up, we used to say, "You bought it hook, line & sinker" to friends who got scammed by a lie.

The theme of this new CD I want to pursue is how we all got scammed by our American way of life.

Before you start hating on me, please hear my point of view. Whether we chose to see the future or not, eventually our industrial age way of thinking isn't sustainable. Just look at Covid's spread. One meeting with 50,000 participants at BioGen infected over 300,000 people around the world. And now, the systems we used to rely on can't be trusted. Restaurants and shopping malls around the world are closing.

To make matters worse, financial and business education wasn't taught in school. Instead, everyone learned to be good employees, not entrepreneur.s If you put that mind set into today's environment, the middle class is gone. Nobody will start new businesses, because we've all been trained to be employees.

On the upshot, buying groceries online, if you can afford them, is the solution. Information age businesses are doing great. Amazon, and Alibaba are giants. Currency, like bitcoin, thrive, while the dollar declines in value. While the government orders a shut down, they also must print money, further devaluing the currency. Almost every elected official is a millionaire. What about you? Are you a millionaire? Do they care about you?

Let's look at a 401(k). You're told to save money for retirement and place it in an account that you can't touch until you're 59-1/2 years old. If you do, you'll get penalized. And when you withdraw it, you get taxed at the highest rate (earned income), even though its portfolio income. And people, like in the matrix, will defend this account as if it is an asset. In truth, you're getting hosed because you don't know how to invest. You were never taught how to in school. Meanwhile, great investors make 50-200% back on their money every day, while you earn 10% if you're lucky. And who set this account up? The government and Wall street. Does it sound like Wall street or the government are working for you? Like any good casino, the only way to make money is to own the house.

So, my next CD, "Hook, Line & Sinker", shall go over topics that we thought were true, only to find out were lies. Education is power. My hope is that as we learn together we can come together,

I'll give you updates as I go. Remember there is a "Go Fund Me" that I'm starting, too. So when I've made the video campaign, I'll let you know.


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