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Pat Boone - Debbie Boone (from Boston)

When I was about 12 years old, this band came out of Massachusetts Institute of Technology called Boston. It was this band that absolutely made me fall in love with Rock music. Every song on the album was incredible.

In the video, my production mentor, Rick Beato, breaks down the genius and talents of Tom Sholz (guitars, bass, songwriter and producer) and Brad Delp (vocals). I've mentioned Rick in a previous blog. Here you see how talented Rick is regarding theory, arrangement and production. He's got amazing ears. And he shows you why we can still listen to music from MIT grad geniuses like Tom for 40 years and still love it.

In the video, Rick covers the drum intro "Pat Boone - Debbie Boone", which made me laugh. I've never heard that before.

Why am I sending you this blog? I've always aspired to be as gifted as Tom Sholz in signal processing and production. He's technique is perfect. His guitar solos are incredible. And his bass playing is interesting and moving. Tom thought of everything.

In my next album, called "Hook, Line & Sinker", I plan to study and use many of Tom's methods as best as I can. And thanks to Rick's teaching, Boston's sound is accessible to garage level studios like mine all across the United States.

At the same time, I've been recording for over 20 years with no real mentor. So, when I record, I do it as I would if I had a tape recorder (old school). I do my best not to loop things on a grid, so variations from chorus to chorus stand out, just like Tom does here.

Enjoy the video. I certainly did. I plan on watching it several times just to see Rick's face light up when he hears genius! I'm certainly inspired.

By the way, I do know one MIT graduate, personally, who is also an inspiring musician. I encourage my friend to keep going. Perhaps one day we can record some music together.

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