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Pensacola Beach Digs Out

It's bad enough that you must consider Covid, and be passionate about your politics. But down here in Florida's Panhandle, we get hurricanes on top of any national news story. And as soon as Sally passed, and the news vehicles left for other stories, we at Pensacola Beach reached dow to dig out what's left of our homes and livelihoods. This is a tourist town. Our primary source of income is you, our visitors.

And while we don't mind picking up your beer cans, and plastic toys on our morning walks so that you continue to feel our beaches are pristine, we do mind feeling overlooked.

Hurricane Sally removed over 75% of our dunes. She covered all of the beach access roads with feet of sand. She flattened some houses, and flooded others. And we were the lucky ones. Gulf Shores, Alabama, did so much worse.

And new storms are on the way.

You may ask why we live here and continue to rebuild. We would say, "Don't judge us until you visit our island." Only then, you'll understand.

And we don't mind if you think global warming is a hoax. It's ok. Think what you want. Just know that the storms are getting stronger, and more damage occurs every year. We think this island will be at sea level in 10-20 years. And when that happens, guess what? You'll no longer visit our beach.

Trash heaps lining our main drag

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