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Radio Free Pensacola

Friday evening on PTK late Nite, Phil Thomas Katt played a track "Itz Not U, Itz Me" about 25% into his show. Here's the link.

Over here on Pensacola Beach, I'm honored that we have such devoted internet radio DJ's in our area. Chloe, Phil, Nick and Phread are a few of my favorites these days. They bring cuts you either don't hear, or are never crafted with the insights these folks have.

This is what radio is supposed to be: a relationship between you and the voice of history. While you visit our beach, please plug into our local sights and sounds.

And of course, make sure you stay up on the latest on my website #BeachRock. I have a new single, "I'm Goin Down" you must hear. Go to the bottom of my "shop page" today and give it a listen.

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