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She's So Fine

About a decade ago, I played with a band called regular JOE 2.0. We based the name off of Joe Scarborough's band, and gave the sounds a little more attitude. A point of pride is we played a lot of songs that we thought were cool, but didn't get a lot of air time. Example? Flag Pole Sitta.

One night over at the Malibu, we decided to do "She's So Fine" from Black Eyed Susan, a song written by Dean Dickerson from Brittany Fox out of Philadelphia. It was a disaster!

Our drummer, Rick, just couldn't get us started with the groove. Our harmonies were off by a mile, and then....our sound system started to burn out. It's all captured here for you to laugh about.

At the end of the song, we also see some behavior from the band that shows us we were never ready to actually be semi-professionals. Too much chatter and drum playing going on between songs.

I also want to point out this video shows our beginning. We got much better as we did shows nearly every weekend for 2.5 years.

I can also confidently say most bands on the circuit don't really do original music. They might throw a couple of original songs in there, But they don't start off as an original band, like KISS did. And I, of course, always wanted to do just original music.

If you want an example of how hard it is to create something original in music, you can follow PTK, Brooke Woods, or me. Each of us wants to make our music relevant. All of us have good stuff and bad stuff. So, give it all a listen. Just know some of our stuff plays better on UK radio than in the US.

And you can always get free downloads from my website.

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