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Small Town Radio Saves The World!

Ok. The headline is over blown. But have you ever listened to Radio Free Pensacola? Probably not. You probably never heard of it. And that's a shame. I have two favorite shows on the internet streaming station: 1) PTK Late Nite, and 2) Mission Control.

The disk jockeys are Phil Thomas Katt and Chloe Bowie.

That said, what you'll hear from Phil is a wide variety of classic tunes, some of his own. His station is intimate, like it used to be when we were kids. This kind of radio is incredible because it's what radio used to be.

On Chloe's show, you'll hear a mix of new tunes you may not have heard before, mixed in with some tunes you have heard before.

What is wonderful about Radio Free Pensacola is the station is supported by us. There are no commercials. And because of that, anyone around the globe can hear the music for free. And what a bargain that is.

Something not a lot of people know is Larry Butler, a music industry professional from Pensacola, helped Johnny Cash and Kenny Rogers make hit recordings. He is still a legend in Nashville. He wrote a book called, "For The Record" which I think everyone should read. Phil Thomas Katt and Larry Butler had many interactions over the years. Quite a legacy, huh?

Since I live in Pensacola Beach, I'd like to think I'm contributing to the Pensacola music legacy even if my music isn't "Southern" sounding. So go to Radio Free Pensacola, and listen in. Chances are you can hear my tunes on the radio.

And if you feel generous, please contribute to the station, so they can increase their reach.

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