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Starting All Over. Again.

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Hey you!

Guess what? My job decided (for some reason) to move our entire group to Albuquerque. I'm not going.

Their decision forced me to look for work somewhere else. And I did. I found new work in Maryland. That's right. I won't be in Pensacola Beach much longer. Instead I'll be in Maryland. And instead of making light of people crashing into Graffiti Bridge, I'll be learning not to crash the trust these new folks put in me into the ground. This new job comes with a whole bunch of responsibility. Yep, I get to be in charge of a lot of scientists and engineers.

So I had to tell my wife, my fledgling band, and other guys I was talking about working with I needed to shut things down. I hated to do it.

And that means I hate to tell you the same thing. But it's my responsibility to tell you what's going on. I am moving to Maryland to start all over again.

I have to start over with a whole new group of guys, in a whole new town. And instead of starting small in a small town, I have to start all over again in a big town. I hope my music still holds up. I don't plan on stopping working on rock music.

More than 50% of Hook Line & Sinker is finished. But now, I have to buy a house, move and furnish a new house. And if you've looked at properties in Maryland, the sticker shock is...well...quite shocking.

So that means Hook, Line & Sinker needs more money to finish up. And you can help. We need $5,5k to finish the album. There are about 5 songs to get produced, and photos to take.

Go Fund me link below.

If you want a quick listen of a new tune here's the link to Sea of Dreams.

See you soon. Thanks for your support!

Love and Rockets,


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