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When I was a kid (and quiet frankly, now that I'm an adult) I fell in love with comic super heroes. Matter of fact, I still draw on my favorites for inspiration for my regular job. People don't realize the tremendous energy it takes for supers to appear normal. Now imagine supers are artists. Imagine the tremendous energy it takes for artists to fit in. Same problem.

One of my most favorite supers is Rogue. She is a special case. If she touches anyone, she absorbs their personality and any special abilities. So, Rogue is especially dangerous because not only will she think like you, but she can become you if she holds on long enough.

The she held on to Ms. Marvel, she absorbed Ms. Marvel completely. Since Ms. Marvel was Kree (sort of like a Kryptonian), she regained her powers. None of this was covered in the Captain Marvel movie. Despite her great strength and ability to fly, Rogue goes into fits of psychosis because she completely absorbed Ms. Marvel. And she has a lot of guilt about about it and suffers seizures.

That said, Rogue came out of the experience as being one of the most understanding and sensitive mutants in the canon. She can't be touched without hurting those who touch her. Unfortunately for her, she's one of the most attractive heroes in the books. She gets hit on, constantly.

Women really relate to her, and because of that, I put this song together to honor those cosplay artists who chose to be untouchable, and don her persona.

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