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Thanks To Cheap Tricks

Over the last several months, I've asked my fans who they think I sound like. Every result so far says there's a bit of Cheap Trick in my sound. And why wouldn't there be?

I've been a Cheap Trick fan ever since "Live at the Budokan". I Want You To Want Me, and Surrender are two of my favorite songs of all time.

Many of my old high school, and college friends put Cheap Trick down saying they're not Rock and all Pop. Criticizing and putting people down is easy. Living up to Cheap Trick's standards (and success over the years) is difficult to copy. Very few bands have lasted as long as they have. The Rolling Stones, Kiss, Iron Maiden, Metallica, and Pink Floyd come to mind. But there are few others.

Another way of looking at this surrounds their humanity. They know they have gotten away with murder the entire time. They just do what they do, and then the money shows up (mostly).

Robin Zander and Rick Neilson are a very underrated team, who have many TV and Radio successes. I have tried to imitate their vocals and lead guitars on several songs, and haven't really lived up to their level.

And Tom Peterson, the inventor of the 12 string bass, is never counted among Rock's innovators. Bunn E. Carlos is dead now, but he was a very well respected "pocket" player. He was consistent and strong.

But it was their catchy songs that always hooked me. It was the teamwork, and a working class accessibility that brought me in. They are anti-rock rockstars. The unexpected heroes of Rock.

Go to my website now, and download your free songs. Listen for yourself.

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