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The Beach Gives You Crabs!

If you ever step on Pensacola Beach's awesome white sand, you'll notice these little "holes" in the sand. And once you start seeing them, you start seeing them everywhere.

It turns out Atlantic Ghost Crabs live in these holes. What's awesome about these little guys is they keep the beach clean. These mostly nocturnal opportunists pounce on hermit crabs, turtle hatchlings, other small animals and even seaweeds that populate our beaches.

Another cool thing? They grind their teeth inside their stomachs making a growling sound warning off attackers.

All that said, there's nothing more fascinating than watching them build their little Hobbit holes. They use three legs to scoop up and throw sand. It's not so much the scooping that's fun to see, but rather the jarring motion they use to throw the sand. See the link below.

Next time you come to Pensacola Beach, enjoy the crabs!!

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