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The Elusive Bass Lick

You can't tell by listening how much time goes into recording music. I think I've logged on average 160 hours per song.

The video below shows about 8 minutes of playing time to get about 15 seconds running bass just to get to one riff in the middle eight, or bridge, cleanly. I can only imagine how long it would take if I was playing a gig and doing this song. Even more practice needed there. But since I don't tour, I focus on writing, composition and layers.

This song is called, "Face The Music". It'll be featured on my next EP coming out in the next few months.

But here I am doing take after take trying to get the bass to match the rest of the song. How do I record? Well, I get a simple drum track and start with rhythm guitars, then I add some lead guitars, then bass, then vocals. And then I go back to the drums to get everything matching. Sometimes I add little things in there to make everything sound OK. And sometimes I go back and fix.

Here, I went back to fix some stuff that was bothering me. Not that I hated what I did before. It just wasn't as solid as I'd prefer. If you have nothing better to do, here is how the magic happens behind the scenes.

Love and Rockets,


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