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To Catch A Wonderful Colorful Beach

There are days that never end at Pensacola Beach. And there are days that end too soon. But if you stick with what you love, money or not, you may hope to have as many of them as my friend, Phil Thomas Katt.

You probably know, if you've read my blog, that Phil is a legend here. Phil and I worked together on my Bait & Switch CD. I mixed and mastered, and Phil gave input. His most useful input was his encouragement.

His interview with "Wonderful Colorful World" is precisely why I love him. Click on the photo to see the interview.

Phil Thomas Katt started his career with radio as a child, then started doing gigs, and then started doing TV, and videos. And now does his Late Nite radio program on Friday evenings at 10pm Central time on Radio Free Pensacola. I rarely miss a show.

Phil's been made fun of, and has been told he'd never make a living doing art. But, he does. He sticks with it. And that's why I admire him. For that matter, I've taken my fair share of bruises from critics, too. Click here! See?

But that's beside the point. One of my mentors, Ken Tamplin, has said many times, "The only reason a singer is a singer is because they have the guts." He's right about that. The only reason any artist does what they do is because they have the guts. Singers just don't have an instrument to hide behind. So, they need to have even more guts.

I wanted to write today's blog, not so much about my experiences, but more about the one thing all of the songwriters in Pensacola share. We'll be famous way before we're ever rich. Still, you have a chance to play at Flora-Bama, and Paradise Grill and maybe get on somebody's local radar. And you know? That's alright. Start small, and dominate the niche, right?

In all fairness, Phil is the consummate gentleman, and has been around long enough to know that it takes time to build your fame up. But no matter what, you need to have good material. I'm glad to have him as a friend and mentor. And I thought I'd share this with you. Even as Phil continues to gain fame in the underground music market, he'll always be one of my heroes. Enjoy the video.

Before I go, I do have a CD for sale: Bait & Switch Go to my website and get your copy before they're all gone. They are about $13 bucks.

There won't be another lot of CDs printed. All that shall be available in the future shall be vinyl LP pressings, which shall be re-mixed, remastered by Lucky K Studio and signed by me for $40 Bucks as a collectors edition.

Thanks for reading, friend. And thanks for believing in me.

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