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Value & Relevancy For Boomers

Let's face it, we're getting older. Our dollars don't go as far as they used to. We once took our health for granted. And to make matters worse, the music we heard is stuck in the past. We can't relate to what is on the radio.

But here's the cool part. We don't need radio. Internet leveled the playing field. So, by having a direct relationship with artists (in this case, me), we can by-pass all of the gatekeepers. And that's a good thing. You, my friend, get to come with me on the ride.

I listened to my mom and dad's albums and 45 records. That's why my music sounds the way it does. You can hear The Beatles, Everly Brothers, Credence Clearwater Revival and others in my music. As a child of the 60's and 70's, I just naturally write songs in similar styles as my favorite artists.

And that means value & relevancy for you, the last of the Baby Boomers.

So, check out this new video using clips I took from Meowolf. The music was inspired by The Ramones.

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