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Welcome, New Subscribers!

It's a busy world with big corporations competing to get your eyes and ears on their products. I guess I'm no different. But because I'm a stand alone musician, I depend on my relationship with you for emotional and financial support to keep me on mission. My mission, you say?

Yes. I want you to get the best possible guitar driven power pop you can using minimal technology. Sort of like the way the used to do it back in the 1970's. My parents used to play a lot of vinyl records when I was a kid. So, those influences are in my music, too. That said, I've updated many influences using nice crunchy guitars supported by some acoustic strings. Many of the bass guitar lines move around adding interest, but many times the bass sits in the pocket holding the foundation down. It just depends on the mood I want to generate.

So, thank you, new subscribers for helping me out and being part of this crazy journey. I will ask you for financial support by selling my CD's directly to you. I'd love to give you all music for free. Unfortunately, I can't. The business won't be sustainable. Websites, blogs, physical CD's, recording equipment and studio time all take money to get the best out of the instruments.

You've given me your email address in exchange for 5 free songs. And that's a pretty fair exchange. So, take advantage of the price break I give you for the CD after you get the free songs. It's the best deal I can give you right now. Just know your purchases support me, so if you'd could help me out when you have the spare change, I'd appreciate it. However, another option is subscribing to my website for a fee. For a few bucks a year, you get every digital download for free. HUGE discounts should be available if it all works out. The more you support me, the more I make it easier to get all of my content, including back catalogs never published before.

Further, I've been working on "Hook, Line & Sinker", my next release. I'll tell you I'm very happy with the music so far. As you know, stand alone musicians must do all the music, writing, producing and singing. And to do any one part well, you must practice everything for hours a day.

I don't have hours a day. So, I spend time working up front songwriting. I get the rhythm down, and then add words and melody lines. I'll come back and sing everything later, when I've practiced enough. But from the get go, I've got to get the guitars just right.

I'm on vocal rest until I have things worked out from orchestration and arrangement. Singing things will take months of practice. Not to mention getting into physical shape takes time, too.

I will be publishing a 25 page document on how I do this, so you can try it yourself at home. I'll cover the equipment, how much it all costs, and how to suck just enough to write good songs using your subconscious (the creator) mind. Next, I'll cover the conscious (the editor) mind. I'll cover how to write very good lyrics, by boiling things down. I expect to sell the document on my website and on Amazon. And I'll have a guitar playing course to get you playing songs very quickly after that.

So, there's a lot going on. All that said, I'm very excited to I sit down and show you how its done. For a sample of what the next album will sort of sound like, click here.

In other good news, a music platform in the UK is allowing me to play music for exposure during video game engagement. While not paid, it does expose my material to a very large virtual environment. It's called Concerto XL, and will be online this June through PlayStation. Very encouraging.

That's all for the update. Please keep checking in. I have new deals coming your way. Just know I'm doing all of this solo, so things are going slower than a normal band.

Thanks for reading my blog.

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