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What Do You Think?

Hello, dear fan!

If you've kept up on my blog, you know I want to give you the best music I can. You know I feel the industry continues to feed you content you don't like, but forces you to try to accept. It's called the Meer Exposure Effect.

If you like Guitar Driven Power Pop, you know it just doesn't exist in the mainstream these days. So, it's hard to find the great content we're re looking for from artists we grew up with. To try to solve this problem, I decided to try to create that content myself.

Unlike many other artists, I want you to have a choice. Why? To be fair to you. Since I write, record, produce, mix and master my own material, and I'm a complete amateur at this, I realized last week I don't have a team, yet. Although Dirk is helping me with drums and the like for Hook, Line & Sinker album (and I'm helping him with lyrics and vocals on his release) we are far from having a band and going on a world tour. You know?

So, I wanted to get your opinion on a remix of Bait & Switch, which we could release on vinyl.

Michael Rozon's a Californian producer Dirk introduced me to, whom I'm considering. I did ask Lucky Kelson, our local producer for help, but he kept putting me off, dragged his feet and got me nowhere. I don't want to beg someone to work with me.

Instead, I needed someone whom I could trust. So, rather that bust Lucky's balls about it, I thought I'd trust Dirk's advice.

I asked Michael to reproduce one of my songs, "The Last 2 No" off of the Bait & Switch CD to see if he could add dimension to the song. He got it done in about a day, and reported back like a real professional. It's likely we'll do more work together, but I wanted your opinion. I'll caveat: songs aren't complete, but should give you a feel for what we're doing.

This link is for the new version I want to re-release on vinyl.

What do you think?

I'll tell you my opinion in another blog on the meer exposure effect.

If you got a copy of the lyrics with your purchase of the CD, you'll know the song's about a guy getting dumped by his evasive girlfriend, just after they committed to a long term relationship. Our hero was already prepared for this and decided to play it out just to prove a point, "Sure, I'd still like to be friends, if you weren't so stupid."

Anyway, thanks for your opinion. Don't be afraid to email me and let me know what you think.

Love & Rockets,


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