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What's New, Pussycat?

Today is day 6. "What's that," you ask?

You may or may not know that I write, mix, master and produce my own music. I play all of the instruments, too. So, it's a lot of work. There are analog instruments, digital instruments, tons of software and education that are needed to mic everything up. And I don't have a formal education in music, or the engineering that supports it. So, stand alone musicians like me must invest in education in order to get songs sounding their best.

I've committed 30 days this month to learning from Ryan Tedder, a guy who's written songs for Adele, Killers and many other music groups. He fronted the band, OneRepublic. What I learn here, will go on my next CD, "Hook, Line & Sinker". So, I expect the quality to go up a notch.

In this class, I added a bit of synth to make things sound more versatile. Mind you, the entire thing isn't finished, and I'd like to get things down to no longer than 3 minutes. That's my long winded way of saying there's much more work to do.

Anyway, follow the link and let me know what you think so far, Okay?



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