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Who Was Alex Harvey?

We only think we select our music. But it's selected by Spotify, or Pandora, or a Radio station that "fits" in with your general listening preferences. Or depending on what your friends turn you on to, or what your parents play on their radio. We brain wash ourselves into believing the songs are good. But we all know some songs don't deserve radio.

Meatloaf's "I Would Do Anything For Love", was horrible compared to "Paradise By The Dash Board Lights". If you've heard the song ever since you first heard it, and liked it, you're the exception.

Another case in point is Alex Harvey. You probably never heard of him. He wrote for Tanya Tucker, Kenny Rogers, and many other country artists. But Alex was a rocker. His band was called "The Sensational Alex Harvey Band". He sold a lot of songs in his life. But you never heard of him.

His band hit it's peak in 1973. You can no doubt hear AC/DC and see Kiss in his videos.

Where am I going with this? Have you ever heard of Tommy Conwell and The Young Rumblers? Probably not, unless you're from Philly. Tommy's band plays in Philly all the time, and in the 1990's he was a big influence of mine.

I did a cover of "Love's On Fire", just to see what my take on his material would sound like.

Click the link. Enjoy the cover.

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