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Why Carvin/Kiesel Works

As a full time engineer, I value optimized American products. Carvin's Pro Audio, and their sister Kiesel Guitars, offer the greatest value to other American brands, I think. Musicians and sound support personnel should take them seriously. Not only are their products extraordinary competitive, but they are American made.

When I started playing out, I had a lot of Japanese and old cheap American guitars. They were charming: they all had "issues". One issue that plagues me is that "buzz" they get from hitting the open G string. There's something about that note that makes the guitar produce buzz. Not sure why it's this note, but it is.

I have never had that problem with Carvin or Kiesel. They are playable right out the box. I have never gotten the 'buzz".

I own several Carvin/Kiesel guitars. My favorite is the AM7, featured below.

You can hear I'm actually holding the guitar back from running off. It wants to run at full throttle. As if it was built to play loud.

I also own a CS6 made from Koa, and a Vader 5 string bass. I play all of these instruments on my upcoming album "Bait & Switch". Plus, I play a Carvin acoustic on a few songs. I am a Carvin fanboy, I guess.

The fit, the feel, the power and playability exceed any other quality manufacturer I know of. Example? My X-100B guitar amp which runs at 100 Watts, came in at half the price of Orange, Marshall, or Fender amps of the same Wattage. Half the price, using a no kidding American maker. OK. I'm in.

But don't let me tell you, let the videos show you. Here's another one. You can hear how the amp and guitar shimmer on a clean setting.

I'm not getting paid by Carvin/Kiesel to say any of this. I just can't go back to any other brand.

So, check them out, and see what they can do for you, if you're a musician.

Pre-Order your copy of Bait and Switch today.

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