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Why You Should Dust Off Your LP's

When I released my first album, Bait & Switch, two years ago, I wasn't sure it would still hold up two years later. But last week, I went back and listened to the entire album end to end on my morning walk around the neighborhood. And you know what? I don't regret putting things together the way I did, and I don't regret learning as I went. It's actually a damned good album.

But, It could be better. How? Production value.

I didn't mix it like they did back when LP's were popular and nobody knew what a CD was. If you go back and listen to those old records from the Beatles, Queen, Boston & Cheap Trick, you'll find artistry in them you won't find in my records. Honestly, the old records are quite refreshing and more intimate sounding.

I'll give you an example. Over Christmas, my dad sent me a copy of "Turning To Crime" by Deep Purple. You know what's good about it? Solid musicianship. You know what's not so good about it? Modern production. There's a huge difference between production I want, and what I hear. Listen to these two links:

I realize the musical styles are different. But between the two recordings one is a wall of sound and the other isn't. I prefer the second recording. Not that my dad got me a bad album. Just when it comes to recording on vinyl, my expectations start with the Beatles. And I think they end there, too.

You wouldn't think music production means much. But when you actually listen to today's music, versus music from 50 years ago there are differences I greatly value. You should go ahead and dust off your old LP's chances are they sound better than CD's.

Love and Rockets,


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