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You'll See More Ads

Hey, you!

I'm sorry to say you'll be seeing more ads these days on my socials and stuff. Pretty simple, really. I have to raise money to get my next album made. And the videos. And the photographs. Yep. It all costs money. So, I apologize to you.

On the upshot, you get to see everything before everyone else because you're on my mailing list. Yay!

And if you want to help me end the pain quicker, you can help me fund the whole thing in advance by getting your preorders for the album. I'll make only 100 of them.

Just those albums will cost about $2500 to press. Then there's the copyrights, artwork and all that. So, anything you can send ahead of the sale I'd appreciate. I realize it's a commitment.

And if I can't get the album off the ground, you know where I live. So, I've got to send your money back. Right??

Well, yeah.

As a thank you, I'll send you MP3 files of the music.

Oh. One more thing. If you like the artwork (shown above) I'll be more than happy to send you the poster, too. Those come in at about $10 bucks each (I think). I happen to love this poster. So, I can't wait to send you a copy. I just got permission by the photographer to use it officially. Once he sends me the high resolution version, I'll make posters.

Love & Rockets,


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