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Pensacola Beach's Need For Original Rock

Updated: May 6, 2022

"Oh, Baby! Let The Love Come Runnin'!"

It's been a while since we talked last. I needed some time to recharge my batteries.

Maybe you forgot what we're about. I was going to say, "Metal", but that ain't quite right. We're about original rock music. We're also about Pensacola Beach's music scene (which needs your help). But first, a little blurb.

When I'm not doing my day gig, I write music. Well, I'd do that full time if I could. But as you know, music is a tough business. And I'm not the best singer, guitar player, or songwriter. But hasn't stopped me. It's just I've been slow to get to authentic. I mean, after a while, you kind of forget where you came from after years of dedicating your life to making a living doing something else. I still live for moments when I can write music, even if that's like 1% of my time. In the music biz, you put in 100% with no plan B, and even then there's no guarantee you'll make it.

To set the record straight, I tried my hand at doing music full time after I crashed my motorcycle in Fort Myers, Florida. I was too banged up, couldn't get transportation, or afford a guitar. So, I ended up washing dishes, fixing appliances, delivering plumbing supplies, working in the 0perating room, doing general chemistry, and a handful of other things before going to college full time to get my degree. There was even this long trip to Alaska I have to tell you.

And well, those blue collar skills helped me build a brick and mortar lab for my alma mater, New Mexico Tech, where I got my undergraduate degree in chemical engineering. I got my graduate degree in engineering mechanics there, too. But in college, the funnest part was playing gigs! I write about my rock experiences here in this blog.

Just over two years ago, I created my first full length CD, called Bait & Switch. I didn't know you were supposed to build a following and THEN make a CD. But I managed to sell a few copies mostly using internet. But mostly, yup, I have a day gig. Hopefully, my music is good enough to make you want to listen and get some CDs from me. Again, what this blog is about is the journey. If you can learn a few things from me along the way, then great! Rock is a language and a blessing. Let's break it down a little more.

Pensacola Beach

I live and write about Pensacola Beach. I love this place warts and all. Yeah, it needs more rock and less folk (and country), but with your help, we can begin to bring some face melting rock here to the Gulf Coast. You can learn about that here.

And that said, there's a lot of great beach here. I take photos and do some videos about all that. The down side is people don't realize they can trash the place. So, I want to make sure we please take care of this place. It's our home.


Next, Pensacola Beach is a delicate place with tons of wildlife. Plastic folks leave here ends up in the food supply. And it kills everything. We don't want Pensacola Beach to be the landfill people vacation on. So, I try to take photos of the awesome critters and plants that live here. But I'd like us to leave the place better than we found it. And I'd like us to respect surroundings other life forms need to live here, too. They keep the place awesome and provide hours of entertainment.

Rock Music

So, can we really change the world with Rock Music? I don't know. But I'd like to at least add to the conversation's context. It's fun and when done well, breaks a lot of rules. The older you get, the more it should make you sick. But in truth, the more I listen to the radio the more it makes me sick. Not because Rock sucks, but because radio's music sucks. Hit songs are written by an army of "talent". And there is no band, just singers and producers.

Pretty much all music today uses auto tune, click tracks, loops, grids, beats and so on. Anyone with a computer can make "music". More likely, they copy what a great artist has done and remix it. Creative? Sure. Rock. No way! You should steal from Rock, but you shouldn't completely rip it off and then claim its original.

So, on this blog, we do original authentic rock. We write, record and mix everything as old school as possible at our home studios with mostly all American made gear. Are we purests? No. But we try to get as close to authentic as we can with the resources we have.

And that's that.

Sign Up

The rest of the blog is about how you can support us. You can start today by reading the blog, sign up to the mailing list and check out the music we create. We even give you free downloads.

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