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Do You Remember, Sally in September?

Sally, the storm, in September? Sure, I remember.

I sure do. The photos below show furnishings from our neighbors who got swamped by surge and rain. They piled up like someone going through a bad divorce. We got lucky and didn't have to work so hard. Our little bungalow survived.

Knocking wood, this year it won't be so bad. But we've had a very active hurricane season. Those poor people in Louisiana and Haiti. It makes you wonder if we should use this time to experiment on printing houses out of concrete so they can withstand such damage.

I understand it is possible to print houses. While Sally didn't have the impact most storms have in the area, historically, it doesn't mean people around here didn't suffer.

The main bridge we count on to get our groceries was taken out by weakly tethered barges. Prices for food, gas and toilet paper went up. People worded supplies in the middle of a Covid pandemic. Plus, my wife was going through cancer treatments. And I, well, I needed to find a way to increase our cashflow because our insurance doubled. Hey, I don't blame insurance companies. I would do the same thing. So, we did refinance the house, and got some cashflow out of the deal.

The good news is everything worked out OK. But not for everyone around us. I'm still working on music and haven't regretted any of it. Phil plays me on his radio station, I'm making new friends who can teach me new things. And that is good.

When we follow our hearts and choose not to settle, it's funny isn't it? The sun shines a little brighter and you feel a little better about restoring faith in the universe.

Thanks for reading my blog.


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