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If you can't seem to find rock music you can get behind on the radio these days, you've come to the right place.


My intent is simple: Keep ROCK alive!.

Back in the day, we could trust artist and repertoire (A&R) to find great bands. You could even go to a club and hear music you never heard before. Many times I'd walk into a club and see my heroes play, like Paul Chapman of UFO.


The internet ended that. It made all music accessible. And that's the problem. The good, the bad, the ugly are everywhere. And all those artists are trying to get on Spotify and Pandora playlists instead of growing music organically, with real people.

Not only that, but it's very difficult to find anything new in clubs. Club owners want to sell drinks. So, they play it safe. They hire bands that play music that's 50 years old. It might be a safe bet for club owners, but nobody else cares. For ROCK to grow, we must engage younger audiences. 

For these reasons (and more), I started writing music. And I do all of it from my home on Pensacola Beach. This website hosts some of my songs. Click the music player below and take a listen. 


My music can sound like KISS, Boston, Cheap Trick, The Beatles. I don't fit neatly into one genre. Neither do today's younger listeners. 


What's more? My music is exclusive to you. As of 2023, you won't find it anywhere else


You might find some of my old stuff on Amazon, or even Spotify, if you search. But I stopped doing that. It simply wasn't working out. I wasn't getting engaged fans.

Do I tour? Not yet.  But I'm working on it. It takes a special group of friends to stick with it long enough to build an audience organically. I'm starting to find them, now, here in Pensacola. 

That said, I still want to hear a band who has something special to offer. Better yet, I want to be in that band. As my grandfather would tell me, "Nothing worthwhile in life is easy."

So, take a listen to the music player. Get a few FREE downloads.

I hope you hear what I'm talking about. If you do please grab exclusive music in my store. It's the only place to find it.

Love & Rockets,




Doug Marks

© Copyright 2022

© 2023 Russ Maines Music


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