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Why do I pose as a working stiff all day, and ROCK at night?

Simple. Click the VIDEO above!


You can't find new stuff that sounds like the old stuff. And the old stuff was pretty AWESOME!


ROCK is supposed to be one big, fat, glorious spicy green chile burrito that only burns twice!


Now, it's just lost bunch of smelly old farts, who keep cranking out crap!

My name's Russ. By day I'm an explosives engineer. Yes, I love blowing stuff up. But you know what I love more than that? Rock Music! Rock music got me through childhood and through college. And Rock Music is still saving my life! 


At night, when nobody's looking, I crank up the amps and show my neighbors how cool rocking out is using my alter-ego Catman Kaboom! With my trusty black studio cat, Shadow, we fight to take back rock music from my sworn enemies, the MIP's. 

The MIP's (Music Industry Professionals) invent nothing and change nothing, but hold the keys to the box containing the light of rock. They clone a sound they think you want to hear and keep pumping it to you. That's until we show them different.

Still, they use the mere exposure effect to brainwash you into accepting "rock" music that! And with my trusty feline companion, we draw back the curtains of darkness. We show you the World of Rock for what it really is! Want to find out more? Then, read on! No need to take the red pill!


 When you hear Boston, Beatles, AC/DC, KISS, Queen, Cheap Trick, Ozzy, White Snake and Judas Priest, your eyes widen, your tail perks up, and you get frisky! And that's the feeling I want to give you with my own original rock music!

Want to find out more??

Give me your email address, and I'll give you 3 Free Songs!

Click the player! 

Then, you'll know why! Nobody can be told what it is. You have to experience it for yourself.


I don't tour, yet. I'm in a band called "DirtyWorx". I hope to play my original songs in the band if we all agree. If we do, I'll let you know. 

So, until I tour, or the band agrees to start playing my original music, click the link below to:


Get 3 FREE Rock Songs!

Or if you want to hear what I sound like without Free Music,  click the music player and take a listen.

© 2024 Russ Maines Music

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