Hard Work Boulevard

The other day, I got an email from Ray Hamilton of MERF Music Group. The email said, " Thanks for submitting your music! It's greatly appreciated! We like the melody, lyrics, and production of your song and you certainly have a good pulse on how to craft a good one! It's not quite what we are seeking at this time for this particular project but we would be very interested in hearing more of your catalog and we'd like to connect with you directly, as we see potential in you as a songwriter. Please be encouraged, your music is great and you're very talented! If Ray, Amber or The A&R Staff haven't already reached out to you concerning catalog review then please send us directly what you believe to be your 3 best songs to ichangedtheemailaddy@gmail.com. subject: 3 Best Songs Review Thanks again and keep up the good work! We look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you and your catalog better! Kind Regards, A&R Staff Merf Music Group.

This was good news and bad news. On one hand, it's nice to know that Music Industry Professionals (MIP's) can finally "hear" my songs. On the other hand, actually getting a song on the radio and getting paid takes a lifetime. Sooner or later if I keep sticking with it, something will shake out.

Why am I writing this blog if you already know the truth? Simply to encourage you.

Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team because simply wasn't good enough. Steven King's Carrie was rejected so many times, he threw it in the trash. His wife, Tabitha, recovered it. George Lucas' Star Wars was rejected by many Hollywood studios. The only difference between any of these people and everyone else is persistence.

The rejection effect helps you dig way down and find motivation to show everyone they were wrong about you. Rejection is something I'm both personally and professionally very familiar with. My inbox is full of rejection letters. Once printed them all out and stuck them on my studio wall just to find that extra reserve of strength.

As for me, every rejection I get helps me get that much better at my craft. I continue to educate myself, and get feedback from you, my fans, on what else I can do better. I simply want to give you the best song I can.

Here is a soundcloud link if you want to hear stuff not on the Bait & Switch CD.