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Pop Killed The Radio!

Over Christmas break, I listened to Ken Tamplin go off about how today's music sucks. See link. OK, he didn't come out and say it. I did. He followed Rick Beato's rant on, "If you don't think it gets worse, it does" video. Here's that link. OK, Rick didn't say that, either. I did. But he does say how cool the old stuff was and why it continues to populate Spotify charts. They just don't write 'em like that anymore, kids!

Bottom line? Old stuff is better than new stuff. Take a look at this 1948 Chevy wrecker. Now, that's style right there, brother. Sure it might be clunky, inefficient and weigh too much. But man! How awesome it is!

After I saw Ken and Rick's videos, I woke up from a dream with the following lyrics in my head, set to Kiss's Making Love guitar riff. (Yes, I dream music videos.)

You can't feel heavy

You don't hear metal

It drives you to extremes

What you hear

On the radio

Sucks so much you scream

"I wanna make it rock"

"I wanna make it roll"

Pop Killed The Radio

And it's sucking out your soul

Pop Killed The Radio

Pop Killed The Radio

It's true

Pop Killed The Radio

And now it's coming after you!

So, this is just a start. I thought I'd write and tell that.

I have more than a dozen or so songs that I must get to work on. I've asked Dirk and Rick to help me work on some aspects like drums and guitars for future recordings. There's a lot in the pipeline.

I'm also very excited that Mike Rozon's worked on 3 songs for a new EP, I'll be dropping off your way very soon. I'm not sure what to call the EP. I'm thinking of calling it, "Off The Hook." I'll let you know.

Here's a sample:

Have a safe and happy New Year!

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