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Starting With Why...

Some time ago, a smart young upstart wrote a book telling people that nobody would care about what they're doing unless you told them why. The advice, as good as it sounds, doesn't apply to artists selling music.

The truth of the matter is art is supposed to make the artist happy. If it doesn't, then it isn't authentic. And in that case, nobody will ever care. When KISS started, they became the band Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley never saw. They didn't start by becoming the band that nobody ever saw. That part happened over time. But it's not where they started.

When John Lennon and Paul McCartney started writing songs, they didn't do it because they wanted to play songs nobody ever heard. They wrote songs they felt like writing.

So art, in its purest form is vanity. It's all about seeing the world through your own eyes and turning it up to 11. Its all in the eyes, ears and senses of the person doing it. Otherwise, it's not art. It's something less. Like a commodity.

And that's how the culture starts. Art is also about creating a culture supported by a soundtrack. People don't buy music because you sound like every other great band. They buy music to hear YOUR voice. People want to be into your band. Visuals, artistic representation, fonts, photographs all matter.

The guy's name is Simon. And the advice he was giving made it to paperback and to You Tube. The reason why he wrote the book was to make money. It was quickly written, full of examples about the Wright Brothers, Apple Computers, UPS and a list of others. None of the examples were about artists. So the logic, and the momentum to start a movement sound good on paper.

Why am I starting my blog in such combative terms today? My blog, as expert as it sounds, is an experiment. If you're sick and tired of hearing the same material, boy, do I have something for you.

Like it or hate it, it is authentic. I hope to one day you'll tell your friends, and together we can do something to rekindle the magic of the boomer's music.

Until then, just know....

I don't follow trends. I do my own thing. And that's why I do it.

I feel like my music has potential.

Keep the dream alive, my friend.

Love & Rockets,


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