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The Video Pitch

Hey, you!

I've finally somewhat sort of commited to getting "Hook, Line & Sinker" produced by Stuart Epps. I made this video as the pitch.

In the background are a few dunes located in a secret spot I never tell any one I know about on Pensacola beach.

In many ways, the beach is a food desert for critters on all fours. But if you have fins or some wings, you'll do just fine here.

Any way, in this video I talk about how much money it'll likely take to get the album mixed, mastered and produced in England.

However, once I get a mix back from Lucky Kelson on the song, "2 Lazy 2 Werk" I might change my mind.

I do like working with Stu Epps, no doubt. But in my not so professional opinion he can take a good track and completely ruin it by overdoing everything.

For example, I asked him to rework "I'm Goin' Down" a new song for the new CD, and well...I just can't listen to it. It's so over produced it actually lessens the song's impact. This is my opinion. I'm not a music industry professional. Here is my version.

So, I'll see how Lucky Kelson does and if I like what he does, I'll replace this video for a new Go Fund Me.

I just thought you'd like to see me in front of the camera.

Thanks for reading my blog, and going on this journey with me.

I do have a CD out, which is being reviewed locally by the Island Times. So get your copy.

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