Why Boomers Hate Today's Pop Music

Let's face it, music has changed a lot since the 1950's. If you're a Boomer, or at the tail end of the Boomer generation like me, Modern Pop doesn't come across with any relevance. Cardi B, with her #1 hit song, WAP, doesn't even bother to use a chord progression, or guitars!. So, it seems Pop's changed a lot.

Me playing at the Jelly Fish in Perdido Key

I hope, as a subscriber, you'll see why I'm trying to appeal to your inner sense of what good music is. So, what are the big things that really turn us off to Pop? Here is an abridged list.

1. Auto-Tuned Vocals

You can thank Cher for this. Her song, "Believe" started it, and Will I Am took it from there. Now, auto-tuned vocals are the "sound" of Pop today. Who wants to listen to a robot sing?

2. The Grid

The Grid is how music is thrown up with quantization on the computer's digital work station. All of the timing and tempo are pretty much all of the same. The drums are automatic and don't add anything to the groove other than beats. Boring.

3. The Clicking Cock Roach

That annoying click track that never varies in speed or dynamics that everyone in Pop uses these days. You can also say the hand clap, and the sub-woofed kick drum, too. It's so irritating it actually makes Boomers turn off the radio. And that's bad because Boomers, generally speaking, have more spending power than almost everyone else. If radio really cared about money, they'd cater to us.

4. No Real Instruments