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Dirtyworx's New Look & Feel

Greetings from Maryland!

Everything in the last 3 months has completely changed. I left the guys I was working with to make an all original band. I left my life in Pensacola Beach because my old job closed its doors. I found new work in Maryland. I settled in a small town in Maryland in Southern Maryland with my wife.

I've joined a band called Dirtyworx. The setlist is incredible. They've played a few gigs in the area, but shut down when their other guitar player quit. So, they've hired me. Together, we are all starting over. Seems fitting.

I'm learning a whole bunch of new songs, and we plan working in original stuff as we go forward. For now, our goal is getting from good to great. And getting from great to impactful. One step at a time.

What we're going to get out of this, as we do anytime we change people up, is a whole new look and feel to music. It will take time and dedication, but we are coming together pretty fast.

I am looking forward to getting out and playing in a band again. Very much, actually. And while I don't like putting my original stuff on hold, the truth is this whole year has been nothing but heartbreaking. I've met folks who aim to help me, start getting stuff worked out, then start putting stuff on hold and starting over.

On the upshot, it can't get any worse. In fact, it'll only get better. I do have some new material and hope we can put it on the menu. This time, with a local music shop and vinyl record shop supporting the effort.

Let's take this chance to catch our breath.

Looking forward to good times ahead.

Love & Rockets,


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