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Alice's Song (Preproduction Update).

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

After getting the first batch of lyrics down to something that sounds like a song, I had to stop and record progress. Here you go. I recorded the video below for you to contrast and compare to the original FaceBook video I made 3 weeks ago.

In it, you'll hear some ideas on instrumentation vocal harmonies and some new chords to help make the tune a bit more interesting to listen to all the way through.

I leaned heavily on Rick Beato's courses, which I suggest any serious music student spend the money to get. By my count, if you spend an hour a day on Rick's material, you'll have about 10 years of work in front of you. To be good, you have to put time in. For some folks, music is a hobby. If you're obsessed with music and can't wait to spend every available second on it, like me then, the courses are time well spent.

I also used a little bit of Ken Tamplin's vocal course, "How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else". Like Rick, Master Jedi Tamplin's courses are extremely helpful if you don't know how to sing and want to learn how to do it. If you've heard some of my early recordings, there's no doubt my singing has come a long way. My colleagues at work, with whom I share my music, have also noted my progress.

Also, I lean a little on Kris Bradley's course on producing like a boss. I'm not a big fan of how Kris runs her business by spamming you ever 15 minutes. I wrote her a very harsh email about stopping it and she kicked me out of the club and refunded money back. To her credit, she was fair and sent me my money back, which is not what I wanted. I just wanted her to stop emailing 24 times a day. Otherwise, I would've been 100% happy with our business relationship. But alas, I didn't get what I really wanted out of the course. I got mostly what I wanted out of it.

As you may have read in my blog, I hate funnels. Funnels are a fancy sales technique designed to separate you from your money buy establishing a friendly relationship, and making sales offers. I don't like these set ups. Just please send me the product and let me figure things out from there. If I need help, I'll reach out.

That said, if you want to learn something about music production and the LOGIC PRO software she uses, then her classes are worth the money. For sure. Just be prepared for up charging and constant marketing. So, for those reasons I'm out.

And then, the final piece. I made a video of the song. Me singing into my soccer ball. The folks from Indiepreneur say that's what you're supposed to do. Record everything and then make a big campaign out fit. Put it on FaceBook and Instagram. Well, I've not tried that yet, but we'll see where it goes.

The bottom line is I do all of this stuff before I get anyone else involved. And this song turned out to be pretty good. So, it's going on the record. I hope you like it.

Love & Rockets,


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