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Who’s Jake Spiro?

As a standalone musician, I have to be responsible for just about everything. From writing an album to playing all of the musical parts to singing and even my website design. I do just about everything.

Jake Spiro By Ken Manning

However, recently, I met Jake Spiro. Who is Jake Spiro you may ask? Jake Spiro is a comic strip written by the great Ken Manning of Pensacola.

Recently, I got together with Ken Manning and Phil Thomas Katt over pizza to talk about making a video that could bring all three of us together on a single project. My songs, Ken Manning's comic strip, Phil Thomas Katt's videography.

The idea was to use my music as the soundtrack for a story featuring Jake Spiro as the lead character.

So here we are. As we speak, Ken Manning is inking and coloring the comic strip. I am , using Stacy Hogan to produce the musical score. The song is called Like I Do. And we are using green screen technology to feature me in between shots of Jake Spiro. Perhaps we can even interact. Who knows?

The idea here is rather simple. First of all, I have found that I don't have to do everything myself. Ken and Phil are graciously helping me pull this project together . Kudos to them! And second I'm finding out that doing cool projects like this really helps us to bring our network together. Everybody's kicking in something for the greater good. And that's what teams are for.

What's missing? What's missing is you. Since the uncharted zone, indeed, shall release this video in the upcoming months, I would like you to take a chance to view the video when it's finished and see if you actually, no kidding, have a great time watching the video. Even though we have limited resources , together I think we can make a really good video. So, stay tuned and you'll find out exactly who Jake Spiro is.

Love & Rockets,


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